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Rewiring for safety

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Keeping your home safe

At Merrin Electrical Ltd we understand that your home is one of your most prized possessions. It is necessary to keep it safe. We troubleshoot to find the electrical problems and repair them, ensuring that there is no future damage. You can get all our home electrical services including new installation, minor light replacement and complete rewiring of electrical system.

Here's what you can get from us

Helping hand

• Residential rewiring

• Appliance repairs and installations

• Competitive pricing

• Friendly and courteous service

Safety checks

Installing new appliances such as ovens, dryers, cook tops, air conditioning units and heaters require additional circuits. At Merrin Electrical Ltd in Ripon our professional, certified and licensed electricians will install any electrical appliance and additional circuitry needed.

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Residential rewiring; because your safety is our responsibility